Monday, January 19, 2009

Weird March on Martin Luther King Jr Day

I was heading to Circuit City at around 14th street from 5th avenue and at exactly 5:40 I saw a march for "Free Palastine" or "March for Gaza" at the intersection of 14th street heading down 13th street. After one light I didn't feel like watching anymore so I walked through... though I probably wouldn't had if I did not see other people do the same. I admire them for doing it cause it was snowing quite a bit but the fact it was on Martin Luther King Jr day... I tried googling it to see who or what organized but nothing came up today.

Back to Circuit City... What a waste of effort. I couldn't find anything really of worth so I got a 10.34 55mm sunpak uv filter. It still ended up over a dollar because of tax on my credit card after my 10 dollar gift card. Nothing worth buying there, just like linen and things. In fact all the closing clearance like the wiz or compusa had nothing but overpriced junk.

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