Friday, February 6, 2009

How to solve a Tablet autorotate problem?

If you ever wondered why auto rotate does not work than I have a possible answer for you which I could not find on an internet search. It's a hardware problem. One which you would likely need warranty for as I sent in my u810 which would not autorotate when I flip the lid but worked perfectly well detected when it's closed as it goes to sleep which is the way I set it. It also caused rotate problems when using the button manually as the mouse does not adjust to the screen which is important for the u810 as the mouse is usable when flipped to read an ebook.

Fujitsu computers was a pain in the ass. Reason being I basically received the product defective like that but only found out because I started using it after being sure my other u810 was working well. I did do a preliminary test with all the buttons and fingerprint reader but never got around testing the autorotate which possible could have turned into a costly mistake. Fujitsu wanted around 220 dollars for the hinge repair because apparently I broke it and since it was not defective, not covered under warranty. Ridiculous right? Thanks fujitsu. I hope another competitor comes out in the u810 segment so I can ditch your company for good.

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