Monday, February 16, 2009

Trident and the Mysterious case of Recaldent

Last week I went to Rite Aid to buy some bubblegum because they were only 2 dollars and gum is good for your teeth after meals. I only buy gum with xylitol but recaldent is supposely better so I try to get that when it's on sale. Trident Xtra Care
is 3.99 and wasn't on sale which sucks because it has xylitol and recaldent. So I was looking at the Trident White 3-Count Multi-pack and I was about to head to the checkout counter until I realized it didn't say recaldent on the front. All the trident blister varieties (there were 3) did not have recaldent and I was like what? Early case of ALzheimer/Dementia? I bought the xylitol variety. When I got back and I went online and the trident website seems to only advertise recaldent with their xtra care line and I was like... you tack on an extra dollar retail for something that was already in your previous blister packs? Very shrew move indeed.

So today I was out at bed bath and beyond and I happen to find the same trident blister pack varieties for 2.27 with recaldent while riteaid had the blister packs without recaldent at 2.79? Weird right? Nothing been going on lately as you can tell but I stopped by uniqlo and got 3 pieces of clothing for 9.99 but I was eyeing the cashmere sweather (kinda thin) for 29.99. Might pick it up tomorrow but stop by and take a look at the display. You can read all about it here. Read first comment if you weren't paying attention while looking at the display.

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