Friday, February 13, 2009

Rumination, Garbage, and Shrooms

Couldn't sleep tonight because I have a bad case of rumination. It's actually taken over a decade to find that word to express the obsessive thoughts that are both reflective and brooding. My previous post is a good example which I thought I was clear of today. Either case while some drugs are bad I was fortunate enough to remember I do have an expired pill to calm me down which however does not make me sleepy so the damage of the rumination is keeping me awake at the moment. Trying to mediate and strategies to let it go didn't help much because I am out of practice. Though I believed it helped a while back when I was realy stressed but it takes time with meditation as it's a technique/skill versus something you get over the counter.

Anyway I made some spagetti with fresh tomatoes with some cheese and eggs which I am eating while posting this. Let me to continue on to why I have Garbage and Shrooms in my title. Funny thing is yesterday or 02/12/2009 had high winds like 65 mph. Apparently in such adviseries garbage pickup does not happen cause I come home and I see the curb lined with filled garbage cans. Though they did pick up at 1am which was like 3 hours ago?! isn't that weird.

Another weird thing is apparently my friend grows magic mushrooms. I told him about what happened and he was like dude, you either got some really strong mids or you got way too much things going on. Which apparently I have way to much stress going on. Than he goes on that if I'm interested in stuff like that; he grows his own magic mushrooms and when you are on vacation or shit we can totally do it together. WTF? I'm flattered yet scared at the same time.

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