Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Frontline - Health Insurance

Wow. what an eye opener. I am only 22 minutes in and I am scared shitless. Fortunately I am well aware of new york city health insurance companies and policies. For example in NYC it is only a 6 month preexisting condition and they cannot reject you for insurance for any preexisting which I could only assume is for the rest of the states. However it is ridiculous that it's allowable any health insurance can permit 18 month preexisting before coverage with a 600 dollar a month policy till it will cover you. OMG.

I will never leave NYC now because how can you have such backward states and where are these politicans doing for their citizens in these cities. If there's no universal health care in 10 years I will immigrant to one that has it. I cannot see myself losing everything to one health crisis... RIDICULOUS.

BTW. our politicians get the best coverage of all. So now you know why they don't care about your welfare because nomatter what happens they will always have better coverage than you can ever get.

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