Friday, April 3, 2009

I won A ticket to Bodies: The Exhibition

I vaguely remember entering this contest on the village voice website and got called about the good news. Unfortunately I realized it's only on for that day (which is a bit inconvenient) and for 1 ticket. The time being 7pm to 10pm is also a little weird because it normally closes at 7pm from their website but they have a special book signing featuring Mary Roach. I think I would go but from the website they do not allow cameras into the exhibition.

I have a real issue with events prohibiting photography or video recording. Simply because a human being has no way of remembering much of their visit except maybe they were there after a time. I have half a mind to sneak in a hidden video recorder and film my experience but I'll have to settle for this short rant. It really becomes what's the point? but I am just old and my memory is poor...

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