Friday, March 6, 2009

HIP Health Plan of New York - Bill Payments

Very annoyed with HIP Health Plan of New York. The customer representatives in 55 Water Street are very incompetent to say the least. The training is awful especially when it comes to any plans other than direct monthly payments to them. So for example company group insurance plans, government health insurance plans, or Cobra. I know this because unfortunately I seem to be the one helping people with health insurance. In one particular case I went to help apply for New York State Insurance because of a qualifying event (a spouse was laid off and their household income was just below the qualifying amount) but the representative said they weren't sure she qualify because she no longer has a job even though I explain to her "HOUSEHOLD" and "qualifying event" in which case she just rushed us out with that barely 2 page (double sided) form. It infuriates me that this incompetent young african lady can't understand and help fill out the form because it does require information like previous insurance dates (with hip which they had the information) and the waiting room was completely empty. What a lazy incompetent ass lady. Anyway it was filled out and she was approved a month later which btw I do not know how people who can't speak english can navigate health insurance at all but than spanish speakers probably won't encounter much problems or people with medicare.

Now concerning bill pay. I setup bill pay and found out it takes 12 days for them to cash from the scheduled date which is long but it could just be citibank (citibank sucks btw and I would never use them for billpay). Anyway everything was going well because hip has a 30 day grace period but than a bill reminder letter arrives saying the bill was not paid 4 days after it was cashed. Of course a call reveals it's fine but it's just annoying that a large insurance company doesn't have more flexible payment options or send notices that are accurate as of the date. The deduct from checking is not friendly due to it's pull date (losing interest and the float).

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