Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What is the deal with Old Navy Boxers?

Old Navy is having a sale on Old Navy Boxers. 2.99 dollars for various prints and sizes. My problem is I brought the medium which is for 32-34 and I am a 33 waist(though I can pull off 32) but it was way too big. Maybe I have skinny legs or butt because I than went to get a small and it fit perfectly. I think I have a regular body but their small is 28-30 inch... Anyone else have this problem. This is a 2-3 inch difference in comfort and I cannot believe people wear their boxers that loose if I follow their sizing at my 32 waist for medium. I had purchased their 3 pack boxer briefs in medium and I can say that it was a little bit too tight at the bottom which further infuriates me because if anything the medium should be fit just right.

Silly you think but I had a discount and it's not fun buying alot only to have to exchange it. Very disappointed because obviously you shouldn't return the one you tried out... or could you? NO NO. please don't.

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