Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Bodies Exhibition - Seaport

This was a very rainy day but relatively stopped by 6:30. I have not been to seaport in a very long time. The last time I was there Structure was there along with sharper image (now express men, restaurant). Ironically abercrombie and fitch store is still around even though I never understand why they kept those wooden shades all over the store...

Very warm day and I somewhat enjoyed my experience. Mary Roach was there for the book Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex and I did not exactly follow some of her jokes... A very few people took pictures and there was an authorized recording of the event which always puzzle me because I've never found any recordings of book signings that I have been in.

After she was finished talking at the podium and people was lining up for the autographs I went into the exhibit only to be asked for coat check because I had one of those long cane umbrellas and a somewhat oversize bag. Which was a good thing because I wore a coat overestimating how cold it was and sweating like a pig. The whole exhibit did take me around 2 hours mainly because I went about reading all the plaques even the projects on the wall (which I do not quite get). I didn't really bother asking some of the volunteers? with white lab coats that was helping people understand some of the exhibit. Each room had it's own separate body in various poses. At the first room I was a little uncomfortable but after the second room I felt better. Each room details specific areas like digestion, metabolism, reproduction. The last few rooms were the most interesting. There was a room of infants and various embryo/stages of pregnancy. There was a room with veins, blood vessels, arteries which was the most colorful of the exhibit. The last 2 rooms were the bodies cut up in sections to show how it would look in an mri and some various diseases with some genetialia for good measure. As I was exiting I had to ask one of the lab coat person sitting by the volunteer table where there was a body that showcased various surgical implants. I was like what's the story with that? How did this asian get such expensive implants on him because it was alot like joint replacement, cranium surgery and the guy was like it done after his death.

I did not sit down to leave my comments because it was already about 9:15. I probably left alot out like how some rooms have one preservation but the skeleton removed into a pose to distinguish how the organs, etc is without the bone. Was definately interesting and worth going with someone whom you can't figure what else to talk about.

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