Sunday, May 3, 2009

Myspace Cancellation Spam

Feeling more annoyed than usual probably from the rain today. Not too long after cancelling my myspace account; I have been getting numerous spam like daily from,,,,,,, and,, and to my yahoo account. Why am I making this baseless accusation? Well this email was used exclusively for myspace believe it or not and I've not given this email for over 3 years under any circumstances as I've now used gmail since their spam filters are amazing.

If there was an easier way of marking them as spam when I get them over popmail it would be great but since they do not have that function unlike gmail imap which is configurable in thunderbird; I am stuck logging in daily to mark it as spam. This has been going on for a week. sucks.

I have tried contacting but they are particularly unhelpful since I only have the enable spam option which is already enabled. They actually have the nerve to ask me to contact the isp of the spam messages by the "Received" line of the full internet headers. I WOULD NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM IF THEIR MARK SPAM WORKS! Is it so impossible to understand??? Basically i've been forwarding them daily(and marking them as spam) to mail abuse and asking them to enable some option to send all messages to spam if they are not from my contacts list... Here's hoping for some solution before I remove their smtp/pop account from my email client.

Update: The only solution seems to be go back to classic version of yahoo and block the domains so it doesn't reach your inbox. Mark spam doesn't work and yahoo does not care at all. Very disappointed.

This is block domain email spam list:


  1. Me too! I have NO affiliation with myspace but do have several social net accounts and I've been getting hit with SPAM bypassing yahoos filters which link back to this site for 'removal'.

    Arguments POSTed are:

  2. seems to be tied in with as both are registered by Dynamic Dolphin, a Colorado based registrar.