Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can an adult drink expired baby formula?

I just did this morning... I used it as an ingredient in my morning drink consisting of orange/banana/yogurt/protein mix. It came out to fill my cup, 3 times and I finished it off with my morning vitamins. For the record I do not suggest this to anyone since I do not need a lawsuit (YOU CAN GET SERIOUS ILL OR DIE). I am just saying I did it. The expiration on the can was July 2005. The baby formula is 8 fl oz labeled Enfamil LIPIL "a blend of DHA & ARA-Nutrients Found in Breast Milk" with Iron. It's milk based infant formula baby's first 12 months... I also had a cup of homemade Kombucha because I read/heard somewhere to drink some (vinegar or yogurt but kombucha is pretty similar) to prevent food poisoning... I have no proof of this or scientific evidence either.

How did I get some expired infant formula? Good question. I was helping my friend move and they were going to throw it away so I was like... that's such a waste... Not the smartest thing but I still have about 4 cans left. If you see posts dated a month from now I'm still alive. However if there are no posts... please don't gossip about me near my grave. I'll post a picture of the tin when I get home

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