Friday, June 26, 2009

I cannot believe Michael Jackson died. The same day as Farrah Fawcett which is really strange news near the end of the work day. So I spent most of the night watching the news and I thought oh... well I might as well take this time to install debian on a nslu2. I have alot of success in that department with unslung and openwrt... Oddly enough it felt as if a third of the internet was down as a few sites was all hard to reach.

This always happens though. I think it's going to be easy and I think I read all there is to the installation till I miss one entire paragraph. The most important paragraph being that it takes about 4 hours to install. OMG. I am at this posting only 79% installing of the base system. I thought it was going to be a simple flash like maybe 15 minutes (tops) and than I go that 5 hours configuring it or just messing around that might cause me to reinstall, etc.

Wish there was better documentation for the debian installation. First thing one should write for the debian 5.0.1 installation is that it will take 4 hours with the current installation method of flashing the firmware with a debian installer or a quicker and easier installation with a manual installation. Not too surprised however with the lack of documentation especially for someone going from windows to an linux environment. It would have been so much appreciated if someone list instructions in windows to flash firmware and manually fdisk the drive/usb drive but it was rather scattered as I did another few internet searches for next step guides. All which was lacking in a few details. For example. Why would one list network connection as a requisite when you really need an active internet connection. Coming from an unslung/openwrt installation I flashed in a stanalone method with a laptop connected to the nslu2. Not helpful.

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