Friday, June 19, 2009

I am very surprised by the recent protests in Iran... I didn't think the people had it in them but if you read behind the protests the facts are that the opposition leader isn't that much different than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; at least where foreign affairs are concerned. Watching the news (videos/pictures) and I cannot help think most western countries are not immune to what's happening in Iran. The military of any Government is trained to follow orders much like local police so dictators don't just appear. They exist because the circumstances allow it.

Anyway less politics and more personal stupidity.... I spent wednesday night installing ubuntu remix (on my sub notebooks) and re configuring my network. That carried over the night into morning which is self destructive since I was completely exhausted during the day. Even several cups of coffee wasn't able to prevent me from quite literally falling asleep while someone was talking... fortunately that embarassment usually perks me up a little even though it already pose a threat to my employment.

The fujitsu u810 is such a pain getting touchscreen calibration working. I spent several hours in ubuntu and even though installation was a breeze. It's funny how xp/vista does not work if the bios is set as touchscreen but touchscreen calibration in ubuntu needs it set as touchscreen. Which was moot since I couldn't get it working. Friday will be different hopefully since I'm heading to bed right now.

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