Sunday, June 21, 2009

so it's nearly 5am and I can hear the rain outside. Today is going to be a not so good father's day... Completely off topic but yesterday I saw matthew modine at the wholefoods in 24th and 7th avenue near the bread section at like 3:20pm. Speaking of whole foods I'm freaking pissed off... I was really tired going in so of course i head to the cheese area in which there's some cubes and toothpicks. Well I saw some toothpicks in a Creme Brulee Ramekins so I just took one there and ate a piece.... Than like 15 seconds later I guy comes around me and reaches for the toothpicks in one of those see through plastic containers where you turn a wheel and one falls out. I was like SHIT. Annoyed the crap out of me and I really want to go make a scene oh how you can just have easily have a regular cup and mark it as trash rather than a ramekin.

Anyway the economy must be weighing really heavily on me because I couldn't for the life of me purchase a very nice wool super 120 suit at daffy's. Actually the style had alot of pin stitching and I wanted a extra traditional interview suit just in case. My first suit has alot of moth damage which I should realy post a picture. Forget about the fact I saw a moth flying around near my closet but I guess that didn't give me enough cause to do something about it. Now I will but even though there are several tiny holes in my old suit... the other shirts in there which I am really glad about.

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