Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Jews of Sheepshead Bay

I hate having to say bad things about a particular group since it ultimately reflects poorly on myself... I am kinda sick of the Jewish People in Sheepshead Bay. These are the most racist, discriminating, arrogant pieces of garbage in the area. The neighborhood itself is great with nice houses but if you ever have the displeasure to speak to these people... It's like one huge cult here with many on public assistance and the temples.. Don't go on hearsay but do go on and try a dialog and you will be surprised.

Why am I ranting? Yesterday Assemblyman Dov Hikind stated the city-owned Holocaust Memorial Park in Sheepshead Bay should be only for JEWS even though the SAME number of "gentiles" died during that period. What's with the holocaust survivor mother not saying anything about persecuting the dead non-jews as they were nothing? Why not just forget the whole holocaust thing so the city doesn't waste money on a holocaust for half the victims. RIDICULOUS

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