Sunday, June 14, 2009

Been having a few bad days lately. karma's such a bitch whenever I say bad things or in my case write some not so nice things. Recently had a canker sore that took 4 days to go away. Interesting note that the mouth sore mouthwash has 1.5 percent hydrogen peroxide as active ingredient while I have a large 3% bottle in my cabinet (though it probably wouldn't have so much foam).

Some funny things lately:

1) Walking at 81st and 1st avenue? I saw a police officer writing a ticket (there was already a ticket there) on a ups truck near the corner. When he was finished; as he was walking to the police car across the street to 82nd the ups man at the light heading to the opposite street says; "Are you done?". Eerily enough as I was down to 76th street a traffic officer in orange overcoat seems to be ready to write a ticket for another double parked ups truck.

2) I bought murray pomade because it was recommended to me as a cheap wax that works; solved a 10 year mystery of what that smell I was smelling in the 90's while on the train.

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