Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stupid things:

1) I go to a neighborhood 99 cents and up store in brooklyn and ask if they have a butane for gas lighters. The guy says we do but hold on for a minute (he had custoemrs) I wait 5 minutes and remind him and he shows me some ronsonol lighter fluid... I shake my head and I say it's the one for the gas lighters and the guy seriously pop the yellow tip upwards; connect to the refill end of a lighter and say; "See". Was he just being an idiot or is he really that ignorant?

2) I forgot to bring my wallet to a local walgreens after bagging the merchandise so I tell the person, I'll be back in 10 minutes because I'm realy close. I come back in 10 minutes and the guy doesn't recognize me so I tell him I'm the guy that was just here 10 minutes ago. He rings me up again but he forgets I gave him a coupon and raincheck... He doesn't know where he puts in and a manager comes in to override. WTF? 10 minutes and it wasn't even busy.

3) Not to be beaten by eating some canned clam chowder that is over it's expiration date (5 years); I've started to finish up some canned ensure (meal replacement) that's only 3 years old. So far so good after 12 hours.

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