Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blocking Domain tools / /

There is nothing more disgusting than a website that crawls your site and than create snapshots of it so they can sell it people. That's for you and I've been blocking them for over a year with these ip blocks which are not effective as from a recent search yielded results just 2 months back.

I'm using the entire arin blocks assigned to them in iptables which is far more effective:

Name Intelligence uses compass communication Direct Allocation. Blocking entire compass communication ip range because they seem to added 1-2 additional ips to them which is not listed in

Name Intelligence using Spry Network You can block entire spry network or just below which is assigned to name intelligence

Excessive indeed but since these ip seems to be a hosting provider no big deal but I will monitor the logs to tweak this but I doubt I will. I don't have a problem with anymore; only because I sent a certified letter for them to remove any existing data of my domains and stop archiving in the future because a robots.txt doesn't really remove your information. It just prevents them archiving from that moment on. In which case when the robots.txt is gone the archiving will continue and the old data will still be there. Very disappointed with that organization.

Anyway here's a work in progress of the ips that I am seeing them since July 2009. I'll update this if I can:


  1. I might be feeling the same way!!

    I recently had a site built and went through a huge amount of effort to put in all kinds of meta data. Now when you Google one of my key phrases MY title appears, with MY content and MY meta data. Exactly! This is MY site content, but it goes to !!

    Once you are there you can click "more info" and see ALL my meta data and an incorrect address (probably belongs to domain tools) BUT NO WAY TO GET TO MY SITE!!! What??

    Any suggestions for me??

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Excellent question Ronda. I do have some experience but with a different problem. Only with google though.

    Some point in time in the past I did some work for medical professionals and notice a google search of their names produced one particular website loaded with ads with very little information about them (what information was outdated and wrong.)

    When you do a search in google the results with show and if you scroll down you should see a "Dissatisfied? Help us improve". Fill out that form for the next two weeks and than prepare to wait a few more months for those results to disappear.

    Now if it's a copyright claim just look at this link:
    Just be aware they really do take this seriously.

  3. Hey Davlan,

    Thanks for the reply. It's not a copyright issue. It's just that, when you search certain relevant key phrases, will come up about 3rd and my actual site will come up about 28 or more. That sucks, but I guess I can't change it.
    They seem to be a "who is" and they also link to

    Thanks for the feedback, though.