Saturday, July 18, 2009

Almost scammed near Cooper Square

This is the first time I almost got involved in a crime/scam on the streets of Manhattan. This is a new one though so get ready to read closely. I was walking at Cooper Square between east 7 toward east 6 (just across from the village voice office in the park area.) and some black guy quickly walks ahead of me. Suddenly he sees a bus (I saw out of service flashing) and he runs toward my direction to presumably catch the out of service bus. Suddenly I notice a nick on my right hand and glasses fell on the street. Funny how this jerk is holding glasses. I say sorry by impulse though I don't see how I could have touch anything of his. He is around 20-30s? with stupid chin hair, picks up the glasses and says it's cool.

I take no notice of him anymore and walk across the street a little further off the Village Voice and I look back and notice the asshole walking toward me showing me the broken glasses with a very large crack on the left lense(not possible by the way from someone who's had over 10 pairs in the last 10 years. The mostly polycarbonate and very rare glass lenses do not crack like that unless it's fake). I do not realize this but I was not having any of that and continue walking saying it's not my fault.

The jerk than has the nerve to tell me to watch my back. You believe that crap? So be careful. Unfortunately nothing can be done because it's a victimless crime. That's so sad that garbage like that can go do shit like that so next time though I'm tempted to call 911 just so something can be done and definately safer cause garbage like that is always violent. Oh well, that's a new one.

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