Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson - Will Miss You

Can't help but watch the Michael Jackson memorial televised live at the moment. I really wanted to register for the tickets on friday even though it was unlikely that I would ever get a ticket to to fly to the memorial... (isn't that strange?)

It's very sad people bring out the fact, Michael Jackson was a pervert but he seems like someone completely messed up by his Father and while he obviously love his mother; he probably found her too weak to prevent the sadness in his love. So he gives more love than he could ever receive and was taken advantage of because of that unbridled love. I do not believe in the accusations against Michael Jackson because it wouldn't only be one person who ruined his entire reputations where you have lawsuits against the catholic church that amounted to dozens of individuals. Though I do not believe one can just settle a lawsuit to prevent criminal charges... what a sad world money trumps justice right?

Anyway. I just wanted to say Michael Jackson is the single person who has contributed more to good feelings to the African community worldwide than any other person in history. This includes Martin Luther King, Jr. as he simply was the figurehead in an completely American movement that simply cried out for anyone at the time. Sadly; I think he will be the only one in my lifetime to make such a difference in the world. I wish there is more people like him. Who else can contribute music that is more about love in people than just a love song for a girl/boy? Maybe except John Lennon. Never have I been to his concert but if there is another person like him... I will not hesitate in the future.

I should say the memorial was really badly done. I only caught a few minutes and befuddled when John Mayer performed guitar. I had to say that after watching a youtube clip of Michael Jackson's daughter; it just confirms how sad this private event should have remained private.

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