Friday, July 10, 2009

Turning out to be a productive week...

maybe more like somewhat productive... I installed ubuntu remix on u810 and got the touchscreen to work at Initially nothing I did with the directions got the touchscreen to be calibrated corrected till I scroll down to the manual files to edit. The second time I updated the latest patches before following the directions and it was only slightly miscalibrated. However seeing as cellwriter is ok... but was missing microsoft onenote... I decided to try windows 7 in the weekend.

Manage to drag myself to Bryant Park at 42nd street to sign up for contest at Bank of America and State Farm. Only got a cheesey red bag with a basic cardboard fan which was better than a person at Bank of America dragging me out the line to have me fill out the contest form cause I got nothing but a sales pitch... BOOOOO!!!! She was cute though.

Signed up for hosting at It should be much better than what I have now though I've never actually managed a virtual server before.

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