Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Pathmark Debacle - Line Skipping

I just got back from Pathmark which is a very affordable 24/7 grocery store in the neighborhood and I am extremely pissed off. I only had like 10 items and occasionally when you go at before midnight it gets packed especially before a holiday like July 4th. I was ok with this because I needed an ingredient to make something.

So today it just happens there were 3 cashiers. 1 closed about 2 minutes after looking for a line to wait in. So there was basically two lines left so I waited at the one labeled express line (12 items or less lighted up) even though the person in front of me had like a whole cart filled with items but I let it go cause it's the holidays and it's not that big of a deal... so I wait a little longer this was not unusual.

Well... some lady who's maybe in late 20's to 30's (her white face seems pretty worn) with a belly comes in and tells the spanish couple that it's an express line so they kinda drag their cart to the first isle which basically announced it's a cash only line. I didn't really complain cause hey she did have like a complete cart fill and maybe 100 plus items. Now comes the strange part. I do not recognize this woman in front of the spanish couple. The spanish couple let another person with a cart of two items in which was fine (their perogative) but I asked the previous couple was she before you??? OMG this BITCH just cut in front of me with a freaking line formed behind me of over 4 people. I confronted her and you know what that bitch said? She said something to the effect she was pregnant and she had kids at home waiting. I mean it's not her fault that she didn't know people was waiting in line. For one thing she might be at best 3 months pregnant and the tummy can just be the fact she's fat. She didn't care about the people waiting and she put her stuff on the checkout I told that old lady cashier about it. The old lady cashier didn't freaking care and I do not blame her cause sadly I might just do the same if it's a really bad day and nearing midnight.

So she paid for her stuff and left. I paid for my stuff and left but now I can't sleep cause I hate the world because there's so much trash in this world. I should have captured a picture of that lady and complain to a manager but who am I kidding. I could never do that but I really should.

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