Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weird things are a float:

1) I was at the 40th street jack's 99 cents south of the mid manhattan annex library and I actually heard a lady asking one of the workers if they have mosquito nets...

2) My asus wl-520gu router consumes only 2 watts but my samsung window mounted air conditioning unit takes 90 watts to just run the fan. My regular tower fan only takes 30-40 watts.

3) Wlny tv 10/55 (channel 10 on cablevision) keeps on showing a pro-life movie that repeats like the very poorly done partial-birth abortion they had years ago with ousted senator Rick Santorum. This time with guest Stephen Baldwin. Seriously? You going to make a rational/educated argument with someone like Stephen Baldwin? Anyway; disappointed so I finally channel blocked the channel. I always find it strange that an independent channel will produce these shows but they never produce the better argued pro choice. People cannot actually think 50 million unwanted children can really do the things they are arguing about but I digress.

4. I won a 40 dollar valued Salsa Set... No joke... it's really just 4 cans of salsa but it will still take 10-12 weeks to receive.

5. I now have 3 KitchenAid Timers. Two old 4 button ones and one 2 button model. Only the red (4 button) model was loud. The other two is basically junk.

6. I saw some man trying to feed a squirrel just opposite the former circuitcity in 14th street (there's like a small section of green space in the roadway) and I was about to say something (along the lines of rabies) but I let it go. Who tries to feed squirrels with their hands nowadays?

7. Saw a rainbow that seem to end very near the place I live while I was walking back at 8PM. That's 8PM!!!

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