Tuesday, August 25, 2009

6 dollars for a 2 dollar lottery ticket

Typically whenever the lottery goes over 100 million; I will buy 1 dollar. Pretty frugal but realistic. So it's 254 Million and I go to a local convenience store for a 2 dollar ticket... I do not happen to have 2 singles but I did have a 1 dollar and 5 dollar bill. Is it stupid that I gave him the 2 notes and expected 4 dollars back? The guy happen to give me a weird look which in thinking about it thought it was a bit unnecessary especially since I have the need to apologize too much for the littlest things.

A few other things:
Saw a beautiful 6 feet 4? women dressed in a kinda plaid shirt with sleeves tucked to near elbow with like a thick yellowish wide skirt with near knee high brown boots. She seems outta place but than I've been seeing alot of beautiful women around the city for some reason.

Speaking of which I am noticing a bit too many people on broadway from 8th street to prince with carboard signs asking for money.

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