Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pulse Pen by Livescribe - Thoughts

Been seeing a lot of this pen recently but I've also seen a similar idea like over 5 years ago... Do anyone remember the same technology that never took off? As someone who has a real problem with organization and an over need to make excessive notes that's replaced and than re-noted again... I really cannot recommend this.

Basically this technology is highly independent on special paper and even if it's not... it's very reliant on ink like most pens are... I always have a problem getting ink refills for my specialty pens so I really hope people not get driven into this asinine hype over a pen that requires specialty items. It might be different if the paper companies are willing to incorporate the special dots that make the pen very useful in every circumstance where paper is available.

I have read that you can print paper but it seems unreliable to the original printed paper. Besides the other problem I have with the pen is the battery it uses. Is it user replacable? I don't care if the reviews say it can last a week. If you are using this religiously can can pay through your nose in specialty paper to make it work as it should than what's the battery replacement strategy? Just thinking of this pen reminds me of my logitech bluetooth headsets... Guess where that is now?

Just buy a tablet computer. Best ones are just under 3 pounds and with "Windows 7" you really will use it a lot more because of the handwriting recognition and better tools. The only problem still is battery power and screen size. Basically I'm still waiting for a 24 hour battery life :P with around 7-9 inch tablet that has to be under 3 pounds and everything in my life will be much simpler.


  1. You can print your own paper on the Windows version of the software. Or just buy the notebooks like you would buy any other paper - I don't see what the problem is with "special" paper. ?

  2. I agree with Anonymous. You sound like a pertty negative person. The notebooks are $5 whic I think is very affordable and the pen tips can be bought at Staples! I think this is the most incredible tool developed in years. It would help kids tremendously with its audio linking to the notes.

    As for your tablet PC that is 7-8 inches - I(ntel makes one. Go to this web site