Friday, August 14, 2009

Window XP audio problems

it's been so frustrating the last few days. My audio is acting up in the most annoying way. Almost all audio; that is the voice/dialog is severely reduced to the point it's almost mute but the music itself is working just fine. I tried to reinstall my audio drivers. When that didn't work I changed from my audio card to the integrated sigmatel audio but no dice. The same problem so I tried to remove divx/xvid codecs and reinstall. Than I tried to reset my media player preferences.

None of that works. Well guess what the problem was? It seems my Plantronics Audio 90 Multimedia Stereo PC Headset is broken. I use another earphone and I can ear just fine but my headset can't produce dialog. That's the weirdest thing ever. Though I suppose it could have been the fact that my chair rolled over the cable a few times...

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