Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Indian Spice Stain - Why so stubborn?

On my brand new t shirt.... I think it's tumeric specifically but I used some madras spice (a blend of indian spices) in some simple tomatoes for my spagetti and while I was eating on the sofa at night; two very tiny drops of the sauce fell onto my brand new t-shirt. They are a devil to remove it seems. I even hand washed the tshirt that night after a while but it's kinda noticable yellow spot on solid blue. Washed it again (I even pretreated the spot overnight) and it's still there...

Left some hydrogen peroxide this morning but I think I might actually have to dry it in the sun to see if it fades away... or so an internet search says. Might actually have to drop by the store and get one of those stain pens but quite honestly if It didn't come out with detergent already and spot cleaning very shortly after the stain... don't know if it will be very helpful.

update: didn't seem to do anything so I started with hydrogen peroxide 3 percent and wd40. I didn't keep both of them on very long because obviously hydrogen peroxide has bleaching action and I do not want to deal with an oil stain from the wd-40 (btw talc/baby powder really does remove "oil" looking stains but took a few applications). both still didn't do something but i put it out in the sun yesterday and it got lighter but I can't be sure if it wasn't from the hydrogen peroxide, wd40 since stains always look darker when wet. Still noticable actually up close. Didn't really appreciate someone telling me it could be a tomato stain... Only because I get confused easily.

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