Thursday, September 3, 2009

I had kinda a weird day today. Not less than I think a month ago when a women snapped a picture allegedly of a man masturbating in the train... I thought to myself; I ride this everyday and never seen something like that in 10 years. Imagine my surprise when at 9:30ish pm at atlantic-pacific street there was an african american hand deep in the genetial area obviously masturbating. Ironically there was on the other end of the seating area an african with a baby stroller obviously seeing what I saw. Credit goes to the fact they didn't move but dunno what's up but it seem the masturbating guy was really tired cause he stoped. than rested on his knees and started up yet again?!

So I guess people really do masturbate in the trains. A little earlier I think I caugh a gossip girl scene at like 28th? street and 6th avenue but I didn't think it was worth stopping and try to look for some sort of celebrity I can recognize.

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