Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting things done

After many years of procrastination and hoarding behavior; I finally had a friend suggest to me a "David Allen" series that might help so he lent me his tapes. I am really not that much of a fan of self help tapes. I remember doing a trial for "Kevin Trudeau's Mega Memory" and was not entirely satisfied that I returned it. Not surprising later he was fined and went into the whole natural cures gimic. The thing with self help books and tapes is it's usually derived from two sources. One is it's either religious based or second it's using basic skills we have already know but applying it. The thing with religious base is it's dumbed down and I am not surprised it works for a great deal of people. The technique generally implies you shift your burden to someone that can't fail. I do not think that's particular helpful to society when you speculate what can only derive from taking such advice. You somewhat lose a level of responsibility to society in general and you kinda just make a pact with yourself.

Anyway David Allen's series is interesting. I spent 3 hours tonight going through the whole thing and I'll probably try to repeat it several times like the Kevin Trudeau thing. The only real interesting I got from it is the tickler file system. I like the idea because you can do a lot with 43 folders in front of you and I am the type that frequently snooze events a day hoping to finally get to it but it may lose effectiveness after a few days. Nothing really I don't know actually, it just kinda puts every thing I was told that will help into a long lecture.

After writing all that; I seem to somewhat diluted the point of this post... That is of course it's a skill to get things done and not to procrastinate. Filing things is always a problem for me cause it gets overcomplicated fast and than I can't find something without taking a lot of time... So simplify your life and just get things done. A lesson we should all take.

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