Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Republican Scott Brown WINS!

Great. Finally the pathetic senate health care bill will not be passed by the cowardly President Obama. Yes it is self defeating to have a party against real universal health care be elected. However it's better than some quasi party trying to fake a horrible senate version of the health care plan that our children will pay for. We already have a war our children will pay for.

This only gives me hope that Obama will not be elected. We need real advocates and real change we can count on. Clinton looks so good at this time it's absurd.

Actually I just realized that you do not need 60 votes to pass legislation. Why the hell did I allow the network television to change how the senate works to move legislation. This is freaking ridiculous. Just pass the house health care bill with 51 votes and it's done. I am definately not voting for a democratic senator(you hear me Schumer) of New York that continues this charade.

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