Thursday, February 4, 2010

uniqlo heattech long john situation

I am a little perturbed by uniqlo. I like the brand and fits me very well in general. Anyway on the 30th I went in to look for the heattech long johns cause it was bitter cold and I really can't wear pants cause the cold winds will just freeze my legs without layering. Imagine my surprise when I can't find it after circling the whole 2nd floor TWICE. I finally gave in and ask an worker bee there and they told me there was a few SMALL heattech long johns(2 in fact) only to see one guy holding both the last two in hand near I was circling a while back.

I go through the trouble and email uniqlo to see what the inventory situation is since the guy in the store wasn't that helpful. I received a response monday 2/1/2010 that none will arrive till next fall/winter. Bummer but what can you do right and I am definately not a small.

I went in TODAY and they have like ALOT of SMALL olive waffle heattech long johns. However there was ONE medium which I snatched and just bought.. Before I went on line I went to a lady in the back to ask again. Is there any other sizes of Long Johns in the back or somewhere. Of course she says... all you see is what we have (well obviously that's not true since some guy told me otherwise just 5 days ago.)

I left really annoyed. I do try to check every week for sales and the thing is... on more than one occasion they will have like no medium sizes of their sale items except like S,L and than suddenly 2 weeks later; the same item, medium size shows up. Wonder what uniqlo's strategy is?

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