Friday, April 2, 2010

Another reason Health Insurance Companies Need to Die

Let me tell you of the story about the HIP Health Plan of New York an emblem health company. It's one HUGE LIE. Supposely they were a non profit from their ads month ago. Guess what; they are turning FOR PROFIT.

Secondly, For this year they jacked up the insurance over 50 dollars compared to last year PER MONTH. So to lock in a cheaper rate for this year I change health insurance companies. I started on the 15th of the month and cancelled on the first of the month paying for a full month. After 3 months of not getting a pro-rated refund which I was assure I was suppose to get. They have finally denied refund because they stated it's a mistake because the plan I was in starts on the first of the month.

How does your mistake make me pay 15 days in advance and continue to bill me for 15 days without refunding those 15 days of service that I OVERPAID. Freaking SOBs. I can't wait for a public option so I can ditch these motherF*#KING insurance companies

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