Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mount Sinai Hospital - Dental Frustrations

I went for my dental appointment today... I'm telling you Dentists and Doctors are starting to piss me off. My previous experience with both has been awful. Dentists in general cause me allot of pain and frustration. For example... prior to going to Mount Sinai I went to Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, at Presbyterian Hospital... Guess what happened? I went in to register and I was told by the front desk that a "machine" is broken so they are not accepting new patients. However I had my radiographs and only needed to be look at to do some other work... Either way, I left after spending at least an hour getting there...

My last appointment at Mount Sinai I wanted to see my chart but was refused by the receptionist because they said I needed doctor approval?... I didn't bother cause I wasn't in the mood but made sure to ask today before seeing the dentist. Guess what, DENIED. They bitchy receptionists there sprouting crap about HIPPA and actually had the nerve at one time to say it suggests giving me access to my own records was against the law. The funny thing is another Dentist there was overhearing and flipping through my records next to me, less than 2 FEET from me. It became worst when I finally got to see the Dentist and SHE also won't allow me to review my chart. Apparently she is free to tell me what is on it of course.

After work was done, I had enough and went back to the receptionist and told her I want to speak with the Director of Medical Records to review my chart. That woman quoted 10 dollars for copy of radiographs... I have to fill a form for a copy of record and pay for the printing charges. I said i want to review the chart and write down my own notes (btw. this was printed on the patient rights hanging near the walls that I cannot be charged to review my records; wish I mentioned that to that receptionist). From the phonecall I heard, "Is he a doctor"... WTF. why is it I need a reason to view my records like it was beyond comprehension.

Finally an assistant director of medical records or whatever had to come to assist me to my OWN RECORDS. He couldn't find it cause of course it was with my dentist and she came out with my records which I reviewed while she was sitting next to me. It probably didn't help she didn't explain anything before doing the work. No information on which exact teeth, what's being done, no rubber damn, she didn't tell me she was "watching" 2 of my teeth but it was in her opinion was not necessary to do work. I went back to examine her treatment plan and noticed it was completely different than my nyu student and previous dentist (he was such a jerk).

It's just uncomprehensible the difference in opinions between dentists. After this year no more... No more dentists. Once I fix everything. I'm just going to floss and brush like a freak. No more dentists!!

On a lighter note... while I was taking the 6 train back... some lady sat next to me when I entered the train and started talking to me... So weird... she was talking to me about the train and asked me about my work and I responded but.... I just wasn't in the mood. Maybe a missed opportunity or she could be a mess.

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