Monday, September 17, 2007

First virus in a very long time...

Received my first virus or technically a worm. Dunno when I was infected but could possible be early saturday when I downloaded a .rmvb file. Nasty bugger because today when I turned my computer on I couldn't connect to the internet after like a minute or two online. Notice Network buffers error when trying to ftp/telnet my local router.

Initially thought it was my router or specifically qos(quality of service). I changed some setting on my qos.config file on my wrt54gs flashed with openwrt whiterussian .9 with the qos-re package. Turned out it wasn't my router caused i used my laptop which didn't have a problem.

Anyway... peer guardian which I also installed my computer was showing massive amounts of blocked sites to the port 1433 and a little investigation... Notice this file svcupdate.exe on my startup and figured it was some worm trying to initiate some sort of denial of service since it was hitting so many ips that I couldn't even surf the net. I have clamwin installed but apparently it wasn't able to detect anything. Installed avast again and hopefully that will purge my computer of the problem.

What a bummer. Been over 5 years since I've ever had a virus. None that I could remember that manage to infect my system... Guess I can no longer make fun of everyone else that gets full of spyware/trojans/and viruses cause I use to claim I never manage to get infected. Sad weekend.

Update: Was the Trojan.Mybot-8446

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