Friday, February 29, 2008

Brain fitness program and neuroplasticity

I managed to catch the broadcast at 9 of the brain fitness program on PBS and realized immediately how stupid I am. I do worry that I will have alzheimers because my memory is horrible as it is now. I also realize I do not have the capacity for intellectual or academic materials. I'm going by my writings previously and to my blog posts but there still appears to be a maturity difference between my writings in high school to now. Plus the fact I stopped going to the auto mechanic classes since december.

I have a lot of reasons to stop however they really are not the best reasons. In any case I'm going to start a more academic approach to my life hopefully; I really have to. Though the broadcast appears almost to be an advertisement, nevertheless it's probably cheaper than getting a psychiatrist to write me a prescription of ritalin.

Anyone have a program in the new york metro area? I would love to see what the material is like before purchasing. Thanks.

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