Friday, July 17, 2009

Windows 7 on a tx2500z

After loving the performance on a u810 I decided to wipe out my tx2500z and put in windows 7. I tried to use acronis true image to create a backup on the u810 and than use universal restore on the tx2500z... That didn't work out and I reinstalled it manually.

Everything installed fine but it was a bit unstable even running all the windows update. Make sure to install the optional updates which has a lot of drivers. The problems at that point was freezing, crashing, and general instability. Typically at this point I set advance options to best performance (except for thumbnails). Disable windows defender, windows search, turned of disk defragment schedule, unclick indexed c drive, ip helper service, in display I turned off automatic background to one and everything is working much better. After calibrated I notice there was one device undetected and after installing the hp buttons, I installed ENE CIR Receiver(the remote) which resolved that device. Some other minor tweaks but after activating it seems to be functioning with some quirks. The major one seems I can't go to system properties->performance options->click change(virtual memory) causing both system properties and performance options screen to not responding.

It seems my problems are with a bad cluster/sector on my hard drive... After a few hours scanning and automatically repairing my hard drive which took over an hour everything is working better but I did install the hp graphics driver which is older than what is installed by windows 7 for good measure.

Update: I reverted windows 7 because I still have odd quirks of tray icons not loading and programs still suddenly not responding. The main problem actually was truecrypt is not compatible yet and because the tx2500z can handle speeds just fine in vista. I did test acronis true image can make a perfect backup of windows 7 (just not universal restore).

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