Friday, August 21, 2009

Universal Healthcare and fake Controversy

I cannot believe I am making another stupid post over universal health care. All the news channel is useless. Seriously the ABC, CBS, NBC is a bunch of "liberal" junk media and I always get offended that the major news networks can be considered anything useful for a realistic discussion of the Healthcare Crisis in America. I get that they want the money for advertisements to change public opinion but it's cruel to discuss health care as it's a political/monetary issue.

It's so easy to get health care pass. Just state the obvious when there is misinformation spread through the major networks:

1. Medicare will bankrupt the government and without universal health care; your current medicare will be gone forever!!!
2. If you are against universal health care; it means you are against
- Medical care for veterans
- Medical care for the poor
- emergency medical care in hospital
3. If universal health care is another entitlement it means the people against it are against SOCIAL SECURITY and will try to remove it from your benefits
4. You are against health care for the disabled.
5. You are for the fact that if you lose insurance after a medical condition like cancer; no private insurance will want to cover you.

Once you pound the facts that the same people against universal health care means only 1 out of 10 will have insurance in america than you will have universal health care. 1 out of 10 meaning if you make at least 5 times more than the poverty level. Do you know what is the poverty level for a single individual???? It's $10,830 for a single person. Also if you make less than 100,000 dollars a year; the chances of you losing everything you have at this moment in time is almost 100%!

Hey I'm serious here. It's fine if you are young and under 30 (which means you are usually healthy) and nold enough for medicare. If you are none of the above; you are gambling with your livelihood!!!! Forget about medicaid or other government health programs for you because the same people arguing against health care wants those programs GONE!

The supreme court considers it cruel and unusual punishment to deny health care for the criminals in the system. So basically the extremely poor; the completely disabled; and criminals have coverage when you have to decide as an option what type of medical coverage you can afford. You people are insane if you are against universal health care. You are insane to have any friends against universal health care.

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