Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An enjoyable walk

I enjoyed my walk today. First thing first. I saw a ferengi. More specifically Grand Freaking Negas Zek played by Wallace Shawn. I actually internet searched the guys name because I'm not that much of a star trek geek... I am sure wallac shawn didn't appreciate being recognized on the streets for this one part even though I've seen him in plenty of other sitcoms... It was at 6th avenue and 9th street (toward 10th street). On spotting, I muttered Holy cow; I dunno why. I headed to broadway.

As I was at balthazar restaurant by spring street... I noticed half a block from like 56 crosby toward 40 crosby (the parking garage) a long tent was setup and at the end near the parking lot there was a ramp for a camera being setup. There was also a bunch of young punkish? models? in black clothing coming out of a black van (a band?). Very mysterious but unfortunately I didn't get to figure it out though it seemed like the biggest thing going on in the neighborhood today.

Shucks... without pictures I feel like this was a worthless post... I am still saving for the nokia n900. That's going to be my phone/organizer. I cannot freaking wait.

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