Monday, September 7, 2009

Peace Lilly Hydroton Failure Number 4

Pictured above is my last attempt to convert a peace lily from soil to hydroton. This is the 4th failure to date(and last) but I am still not sure what the problem is. The problem seems to be that the smaller pot versions(the ones with alot smaller leaves and white flowers) have really thin roots unlike the larger leaf peace lily varieties (which had no problem because the roots are bigger?). Anyway what worked with the larger peace lilies didn't work with the 1st attempt. The second and third attempt was in the basement which incurred a great deal of rot even though it was in a well drained pot.
The last attempt was to try again but with better ventilation. The problem might have been I was a bit too agressive in removing the soil the root was holding on to. The really thin roots didn't seem to have much problems in the bowl for the first few hours because it was stiff and lively but after an hour it limped and remained limped till what you see there. I think it's because there wasn't enough hydroton all around the thin roots and so with too much empty space it dried up but very little rot this time.

I did kept a few outside leaves which is still alive in another type of water soil. It's weird because there wasn't much roots in them and they recover so well so I guess the roots do like alot of moisture. I'll post a picture for you to see the idea. It's been in the pot for 2 months now so it should survive. Maybe this will help someone with some problem with the smaller leaf (peace lilies).

I probably won't buy another of the small peace lilies again but if I did I'll probably leave the soil alone but when I repot each year; snip a few of the edge shoots even without roots and it should grow fine if the above is repeatable.

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